Our Story

Pale’ Eric Forbes is a Catholic priest serving on Guam and the Mariana islands for over 26 years. (Pale’ is the Chamorro word for priest.) What makes Pale’ Eric so special to Guamanians (called Chamorros) is that he is one of the few Catholic priests serving the island and mainland Chamorros who himself is half Chamorro.

For the past 26 years, Pale’ Eric has been engaged in researching Chamorro history and culture. Because he is a priest, he had access to the Catholic archives which is full of first account history that other historians have not had access to. About 3 years ago, because of a cry from Californian Chamorros who longed to be ministered to by one of their own, Pale’ Eric received permission to travel to California and minister to these mainland Chamorros for an entire year. During this time, from all of his years of research he put together an 8 hour seminar which was given in Los Angeles , San Diego and  San Francisco. Mainland Chamorros flocked to this seminar to learn about, “What does it mean to be “Chamorro”?

Touchingly, many mainland Chamorros who were two or three generations removed from Guam, who did not know much about their culture, attended. Also, many older generation Chamorros who had not been back to Guam in years attended. It was very special.

For the next 2 years, Pale’ Eric continued to travel to California on his own time and at his own expense to give his seminar. Finally, Joanne Tabor Modic, half Chamorro herself, born and raised and Guam, but moved to California over 30 years ago had the idea to make a 3-part DVD documentary titled “I Am Chamorro” and record this history so that all mainland and on-island Chamorros in the Mariana Islands alike, could have the opportunity to learn about their rich heritage. From this collaboration, Manhita Chamorro (Chamorros Together) was born!

Manhita Chamorro’s first project was to produce the first of its kind documentary of the history of the Chamorro people including pre-contact, wartime and recent history. This was a big endeavor which Manhita Chamorro sought to accomplish through corporate sponsorship and donations from anyone who would like to see this project succeed.

Through fundraising and and the generosity of its donors, Pale' Eric Forbes and Joanne Tabor Modic proudly announce the feature documentary film, "I Am Chamorro," has been completed. What was started almost 3 years ago has come full circle. The documentary film is available both in DVD and Blu-Ray discs. Join Pale' Eric Forbes in his journey through the history of the Charmorro people. Buy your copy today!!!!!