Mission Statement

Manhita Chamorro (Chamorros Together) is a non profit corporation whose efforts are geared to the preservation of 3,000 years of Chamorro history and culture in Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands, and extending to Hawaii and the U.S. mainland where thousands of Chamorros have made their home.

Chamorro language and culture have survived several centuries of colonial rule through oral tradition, by being passed down by the elders, our man amko’, from generation to generation. However, that generation of elders, the custodians of the language and culture, is passing on, making it imperative to record and preserve this treasure before it’s too late.

Manhita Chamorro seeks to achieve this goal through the production of a documentary, narrated by Father (or Pale’) Eric Forbes, a Chamorro priest, historian and cultural advocate, which will capture 26 years of his extensive research in archives spanning 5 countries in Europe, Asia and the U.S. This documentary will cover the period before European contact, the three centuries of colonization and finally the present situation and our hopes for the future.

With your support, this documentary will appeal to all Chamorros around the world and also to those men and women who fought to liberate Guam in WWII or who are currently serving on Guam and their families. It will also appeal to a national audience, particularly those who seek the cultural preservation of all indigenous ethnic communities that are part of our country’s vast cultural make-up. The completed documentary will be sold with all proceeds benefiting the Guam Capuchin Friary, Pale’ Eric’s religious community which has generously allowed him to donate his time and resources towards this important project.