It's Official! We've Been Selected February 23 2017

Our I AM CHAMORRO documentary has been chosen as an official selection for the 12th Annual DisOrient Asian American Film Festival of Oregon in 2017. The festival will take place at the Bijou Arts Cinemas in Eugene, Oregon on April 21st-23rd, 2017.

Heartfelt thanks and un dangkulo na si Yu'us ma'åse' to everyone who believed in us and supported our efforts. This would not have been possible without you!!!!


Biba Chamorro!!!!! Feel free to share this good news with your family and friends.

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Mes Chamorro February 09 2016

Chamorro Month is celebrated annually in the month of March.  Chamorros around the globe proudly celebrate Guam's culture, heritage and people.

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From Our Viewers . . . In Their Own Words December 29 2015

From our viewers . . . . In their own words:

Paul M:  Chamorro Yu! Thank you Pale. I am sending this video to my kids in Oregon.

Jesse A:  We watched the documentary today as part of our Christmas day festivities! Pale' Eric did a fantastic job at retelling the story of our Chamorro heritage. The entire family will enjoy the succinct presentation and will hopefully reinvigorate the lost practices of our ancestors and even our grandparents! The DVD makes a great gift for all seasons, for Chamorros both on and off island! Banidoso yu na Chamorro! Si Yu'us ma'ase', Pale' Eric! Bonito chechomu! 

Pauline C:  What a treasure ... saw it at the Hagatna ASC Theater. This Labor of Love is an awesome tribute to our Chamorro Culture. Biba Pale Eric!! What a great idea ... will also share and watch the DVD with family today!

Fita R:  Påle Eric...I know you're not giving me a commission on this comment but honestly, buying the DVDs for me and for the rest of my family is just about the best investment I've made in a very long time. "I Am Chamorro" is not just a is our existence.

From a professional in the field of anthropology, archaeology:    Dear Pale' Eric, I thought you did an amazing job pulling that film together. 4,000 years in 100 minutes!! I thought it was very balanced--explaining the way people are conflicted about self determination and whether to be joined with the CNMI, etc. I know the film will be cherished by Chamorros in the States and in Guam both." VERY GRATEFUL

Robert C:  Truly enjoyed your film! Very insightful and touching at the same time. You ran the whole gamut of history and issues. I recommend everyone to watch don't have to be Chamorro to enjoy the presentation. I bought 3 videos for Christmas gifts! Congratulations on a job well done Fr. Eric!

Get your copy of this epic film today!


What a Gift! December 23 2015

"I AM SO PROUD", says Tom Tabor, President and Chief Executive Officer of Tabor Communications, Inc.. 


"From the moment the words - I AM CHAMORRO - appeared on a black, big-screen backdrop to open this film and the soothing, familial voice of Pale Eric welcoming us on this journey; to the closing credits where my sister dedicated this production to our parents, I was moved like never before… and changed.

This epic documentary chronicling the peoples of the Marianas, The Chamorros, my people, took me on a journey that left me filled with awe, pride, strength, empathy, sorrow, longing, connectedness, understanding and love.  A life’s journey captured in 90+ minutes of the history of the ancients through contemporaries whose struggles with culture, identity and purpose mirrored and defined mine.

 Our ancients were a strong, determined, proud, happy people whose legacy had been fractured and minimalized over thousands of years. This film captures a long story of strength, endurance and unity of our people. It reaffirms who we are, from where we came, that we can weather anything and accomplish much. It tells a story of the courage of a quietly determined and great people. This film reassembled a beautiful stained-glass storyboard of this fractured history.

 This project also served another purpose, especially for those of us who have left the island. When you come off island, the desire to fit in, assimilate and change has a strong pull. The appearance of change can cast a shadow over who you really are. But there’s something especially unique about being from an island - you know and can identify your people. You can wrap your arms them and the culture, and it wraps itself around you. 4000 years of shaping a people, an identity that mirrors yours. Its right there and there’s no denying it. The long history of the Chamorros coupled with the lineage of our DNA makes this very real… it’s indelible, its  genetic.

 Traveling the world and living in an adopted homeland has often left me with a feeling of disconnect… a void of connectedness. But every time I’m touched by my island, and it’s not very often so when it happens it’s massively emotional, I realize why I am who I am. All of a sudden, I understand why I love the way I do; Why I laugh at the silliest of humor; Why I love family so deeply; why I love to touch, and kiss and hug; the root of my fears and foils; what nourishment I need for my heart and body. There are many proud people who share this with me; who have been brought up and raised the same way I was – we are alike - we are from Guam and we are Chamorro. 

An eternal Si Yu'us Ma'ase to Joanne Tabor Modic and Pale Eric Forbes - What a gift".


About Tabor Communications, Inc.:
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Manhita Chamorro announces it's Platinum Sponsor, Bank of Guam March 31 2014

MANHITA CHAMORRO, a non-profit Chamorro cultural organization founded to produce, with Pale' Eric Forbes, a documentary of the history of the Chamorro People is pleased to announce that its presenting sponsor for the I AM CHAMORRO DOCUMENTARY is the BANK OF GUAM, The People's Bank. 
The documentary, released in all formats including DVD and blue ray formats, is a story of the history of the Chamorro People, the indigenous natives of Guam and the Mariana Islands in Micronesia . An ancient people, the Chamorros have endured centuries of colonization, war and calamities. Today, Guam remains an important strategic possession of the United States in the Pacific. Till now, no comprehensive documentary has been made concerning the history of our Chamorro people. This documentary will make a monumental and historical difference for our people and generations to come. It will be a work of art, masterfully filmed and edited by Hollywood professionals.

"We are so grateful for Bank of Guam's support", says Pale` Eric Forbes, Chairman of Manhita Chamorro's Board. "Our stories are similar in that we both conceived a dream, started from humble beginnings and, because of their support, will see our dream become a reality.
The Bank of Guam is known by all as a strong supporter of Chamorro culture and language. Their contribution and the contribution of all our corporate and individual sponsors represents an investment in our culture and in our children and grandchildren's future knowledge of our culture."

About the Bank of Guam
Bank of Guam was first conceived as a dream and aspiration in the early 1970s by its founder and former Chairman of the Board, Mr. Jesus S. Leon Guerrero. During the time he was a vice-president in Guam for Bank of America, Mr. Guerrero grew concerned that the banking needs of many within the community were not being adequately met.

Because of his dedication to the people of Guam and the other islands of the region, he resolved to take the risk of starting a new, locally organized bank. After securing a commitment for deposit insurance from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Mr. Guerrero literally went door-to-door, offering Bank of Guam stock for sale. When the Bank was officially chartered on March 13, 1972, what had started as a dream became a reality.

From its humble beginnings in a pre-fabricated building in the heart of Hagatña, Bank of Guam quickly grew into one of the island's most prominent success stories. As Guam 's economy expanded, the Bank prospered, taking an increasing share of the market for both deposits and loans. Despite the setbacks of the recession during the late 1970s and early 1980s, a more permanent structure replaced the original facility as the Bank's headquarters and additional branches were opened to better serve its growing customer base.

The People's Bank
2014 marked the 42nd Anniversary of the Bank of Guam. Now with a network of 24 branches and over 80 ATMs throughout the Western Pacific, Bank of Guam has consistently proven itself to be a successful, dynamic organization with the sophistication to handle the most complex of its customers' domestic and international financial needs. At the same time, it has maintained its status and perspective as a community bank, treating each customer with personal attention and sensitivity. That is why customers know Bank of Guam as "The People's Bank"… personal in style, international in capacity.

About Pale` Eric Forbes
Pale' Eric Forbes, whose cultural advocacy and research credentials are well-known, will not only narrate the documentary but will also decide its content, which will cover, in broad but essential strokes, the entire history of the Chamorro People, from our remote origins in the past to the present reality including the story of those Chamorros who live outside the Marianas.

Pale' Eric was born and raised on Guam . From an early age, he made Chamorro culture, language and history his passion. After obtaining a BA in History from San Francisco State University and a Master of Divinity degree from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley , CA , he became a Capuchin Franciscan priest. He returned to Guam and has worked in the Marianas ever since. For 26 years, he has interviewed countless people and researched in archives and libraries all over the world, gathering a huge collection of historical data.

He is an acknowledged historian of the Chamorro people, especially in the area of local church history and is frequently called on to write articles and speak at cultural events. He maintains a Chamorro culture blog, For several years, he created a buzz in California giving Chamorro culture workshops that created a hunger for more knowledge as people's pride and Chamorro consciousness were re-awakened.

This past year, he received KUAM TV's 2013 A'adahen i Kottura (Cultural Guardian) Award. Wherever he goes, he creates excitement and enthusiasm among our people.

A documentary of the history of the Chamorro People, the indigenous natives of Guam and the Mariana Islands in Micronesia . An ancient people, we have endured centuries of colonization, war and calamities. Today, Guam remains an important strategic possession of the United States in the Pacific. Till now, no comprehensive documentary has been made concerning the history of our people. This documentary will make a monumental and historical difference for our people and generations to come.

Supporting Sponsors
Supporting sponsors for the I AM CHAMORRO Documentary project include, Guam Food Services, King's Restaurants, Ruby Tuesday Restaurant, Chuck E. Cheese, AM Insurance, Mitsubishi Motors - Guam Auto Spot, Guam Visitors Bureau, Tan Holdings, DFS Saipan, Triple J Saipan, Pay-Less Supermarkets, Che'lu Inc, .St. Jude Fiesta Group, Barrigada San Roke Group of Southern California, Family Finance, Santa Rita Fiesta Group, Bay Area Women's Group and numerous $1K individual sponsors who reside on Guam and in the U. S. Mainland.

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, we continue to seek donations from corporate and individual sponsors in order to make this groundbreaking documentary a reality. For details about the various ways of financially supporting this documentary, please contact Joanne Tabor at Be a part of this needed re-awakening of our pride and knowledge of our Chamorro story which will touch the hearts of thousands of people for many years to come.

The Buzz TV: Pale Eric Forbes & Joanne Tabor January 17 2014

TV Interview on The Buzz with Pale Eric Forbes & Joanne Tabor.


Part 1 of 2 News: On Air. Online. On Demand.


Part 2 of 2 News: On Air. Online. On Demand.

Manhita Chamorro Receives Grant from GUAM VISITORS BUREAU December 14 2013

GUAM VISITORS BUREAU CULTURAL HERITAGE AND COMMUNITY OUTREACH committee just awarded MANHITA CHAMORRO another sizeable grant towards the historical I AM CHAMORRO documentary film narrated by Pale` Eric Forbes.

Un dangkulo’ na si Yu’us ma’ase and thank you to everyone at GVB who made this possible.Manhita Chamorro is currently aiming its efforts at raising funds to produce this “Smithsonian quality” cultural preservation documentary based upon Pale’ Eric Forbes’ 26 years of research spanning 5 countries and the Marina Islands. Everyone and anyone who would like to see this project become a reality is asked donate.  The time is now.

Chamorro culture featured at PIFA event October 07 2013

Ray Gibson of K-57 GUAM interviews Joanne Tabor at PIFA 2013 October 04 2013

Our article on Guam pdn! September 30 2013

Thank you Sandy Uslander from Che’lu for the wonderful story.

Click to see the article.

Manhita Chamorro gets grant from Guam Visitor’s Bureau September 30 2013

GUAM VISITORS BUREAU CULTURAL HERITAGE AND COMMUNITY OUTREACH committee just awarded MANHITA CHAMORRO a sizeable grant towards the historical documentary film trailer narrated by Pale` Eric Forbes. Un Dangkulo’ na Si Yu’us Ma’ase and thank you to everyone at GVB who made this possible.

 Manhita Chamorro’s first project is to produce a “Smithsonian quality” historical documentary based upon Pale’ Eric Forbes’ 26 years of research spanning 5 countries and the Marina Islands.  To accomplish this endeavor, in the interim, Manhita Chamorro will  produce a “movie trailer” introducing this project to the community to raise awareness and seek corporate and individual sponsorship for the project.

 Manhita Chamorro aims its efforts to educate the Chamorro people both living in the Mariana Islands and abroad of its rich culture and language through the study of its pre-war, World War II and modern day Guam not only through research of hard data but also through the recording of the man’amko before that generation and its perspective is lost.  Manhita Chamorro seeks to achieve this goal through engaging in projects that will utilize all aspects of media outreach such as video archiving, print media and the production of documentaries as well as through providing live workshops in communities who seek this knowledge.

Manhita Chamorro receives funding from Che’lu Inc., Bay Area Women’s Organization, Kutturan Chamoru Foundation and Guam Visitors Bureau.