From Our Viewers . . . In Their Own Words December 29 2015

From our viewers . . . . In their own words:

Paul M:  Chamorro Yu! Thank you Pale. I am sending this video to my kids in Oregon.

Jesse A:  We watched the documentary today as part of our Christmas day festivities! Pale' Eric did a fantastic job at retelling the story of our Chamorro heritage. The entire family will enjoy the succinct presentation and will hopefully reinvigorate the lost practices of our ancestors and even our grandparents! The DVD makes a great gift for all seasons, for Chamorros both on and off island! Banidoso yu na Chamorro! Si Yu'us ma'ase', Pale' Eric! Bonito chechomu! 

Pauline C:  What a treasure ... saw it at the Hagatna ASC Theater. This Labor of Love is an awesome tribute to our Chamorro Culture. Biba Pale Eric!! What a great idea ... will also share and watch the DVD with family today!

Fita R:  Påle Eric...I know you're not giving me a commission on this comment but honestly, buying the DVDs for me and for the rest of my family is just about the best investment I've made in a very long time. "I Am Chamorro" is not just a is our existence.

From a professional in the field of anthropology, archaeology:    Dear Pale' Eric, I thought you did an amazing job pulling that film together. 4,000 years in 100 minutes!! I thought it was very balanced--explaining the way people are conflicted about self determination and whether to be joined with the CNMI, etc. I know the film will be cherished by Chamorros in the States and in Guam both." VERY GRATEFUL

Robert C:  Truly enjoyed your film! Very insightful and touching at the same time. You ran the whole gamut of history and issues. I recommend everyone to watch don't have to be Chamorro to enjoy the presentation. I bought 3 videos for Christmas gifts! Congratulations on a job well done Fr. Eric!

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