FROM A VIEWER . . . . in his/her own words February 17 2016

Eloquent, Powerful, Gripping, Passionate and Educational...

This is how I would describe the documentary "I AM CHAMORRO" if I only had a few words to do so.

Without watching any movie trailers prior to viewing this film, I really didn't have any idea what to expect, which helped fuel my curiosity and fascination.

Watching this documentary was a wonderful experience, one that I would gladly explore again. The beautiful scenery, and the history lesson were just a few of the things that made the film well worth watching. The film was very gracefully put together to capture the character of some very amazing people. The cinematography used to showcase the beautiful tropical islands was remarkable. The historical photographs and the ancient artifacts revealed in the film take you back in time. The results are a very powerful and entertaining piece of work.

Although it was put together as a documentary, it also crossed over into the category of a feel-good movie. The powerful music score that accompanied the great narrations really added to the artful emotional undertone of the film. I watched it to the absolute end as every credit rolled by until the screen went black. And then I felt myself let out an exhale of admiration, for the Chamorro people and their history. Cheers!

Every Chamorro home should make it a tradition to gather and watch this film at least once a year during the holidays.